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Equipment Program

Glossary of Common Terms

This is a list of common terms used for the DHS Equipment Program.

Category 1 (Cat 1) Equipment

Generally, lower cost or commonly prescribed items that are maintained as stock. These items are supplied immediately if available; they may be placed on back-order if not immediately available. Items are identified as Category 1 on the equipment in-scope list.

Category 1 (Cat 1) Home Modifications

Generally, lower cost home modifications which will usually be completed within 2 weeks of being processed, pending availability of funding. Items are identified as Category 1 on the Home Modifications In-scope list.

Category 2 (Cat 2) Equipment

Equipment items that require sign-off by a delegate before the item can be supplied to the client. Item types are identified as Category 2 on the Equipment in-scope lists. If a client's needs cannot be met through the Cat 1 items available on the Catalogue, then the item being requested for purchase is considered Category 2. All Category 2 items require a risk rating and priority scoring form to be completed as part of the prescription.

Category 2 (Cat 2) Home Modifications

Home modifications that require sign-off by a delegate before the request can be processed. Home modification types are identified as Category 2 on the in-scope list.

DHS Equipment Program or Equipment Program

The Department of Human Services (DHS) Equipment Program, services the equipment and home modification needs of a range of eligible clients.

Clients are assessed by Allied Health Professionals or registered and clinical nurses (APER only) for items in scope of the program and they send their request to the DHS Equipment Program team   for consideration and approval.


Clients must initially meet the eligibility for each of the Equipment Program streams.

Clients must meet the general 'key approval criteria' for the equipment item(s) or home modifications being requested. In addition, there are specific eligibility criteria for particular equipment items or home modifications.

Equipment Item Types

Manual and powered wheelchairs, mobile shower commodes, seating and accessories, children's posture chairs, children's walkers, children's standing frames, technology and speech generating devices have different features and accessories available and the Equipment Program has listed these separately as different 'types (i.e. 1-4)'. There is a document which describes each equipment type named Equipment Item Types.

Equipment Screening Tool

A tool that must be completed and submitted to the Equipment Program to demonstrate that the client has met the eligibility criteria set out for the item. Not all items require a screening tool to be completed; this is indicated on the in-scope list.

In-Scope lists – Equipment/Home Modifications

The lists of equipment or home modification types that the Equipment Program has endorsed for supply when the client meets the eligibility criteria. The list includes information on prescriber requirements, whether the item is Category 1 or 2 and whether any additional criteria and screening tools apply.

Key Approval Criteria

A set of key criteria that a person must meet in order to be eligible for any item available through the Equipment Program (see "Eligibility").

Risk Rating and Priority Scoring Form

This is required for all Category 2 items of equipment. It is used to priorities supply of these items.

Specific Eligibility Criteria

Some equipment and home modifications have additional eligibility criteria that must be met by a client in order to be approved for supply. The in-scope lists indicate if the item has extra specific eligibility criteria.

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