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Equipment Program

Requesting Equipment or Home Modifications

Please complete and return the related form to us:

If a follow-up check of the equipment or home modification cannot be done once installed, please indicate this on the request form. Equipment Program staff will coordinate a follow-up check by an occupational therapist or physiotherapist.

Other funding options:

People 65 years and over should contact My Aged Care. Phone 1800 200 422.

Requesting Electric Beds

Bed requests must be submitted with a Checklist for the Prescription of Electric Beds for APER clients (DOCX 344.2 KB)

If more information or assessment is needed, Equipment Program staff will contact the local health networks who made the request, if necessary, they may have a qualified allied health clinician make a further assessment.

Requesting an Allied Health Assessment for equipment or home modifications

If an assessment is needed to determine equipment or home modification needs, please complete and return this form to us.

Allied Health Service Request Form (DOCX 124.4 KB)

Mobility assessments must be completed by a physiotherapist.

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