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Equipment Program

Disability Aged Clients and Customised Mobility

The  information in the following pages explains the process and forms required to make an application to the DHS Equipment Program for the following funding streams.

Disability - Aged Clients

If you were a client registered with Disability SA, aged 65 years and over at time of transition to NDIS (and therefore have been deemed not eligible by NDIA), you may be eligible for continued equipment services through the DHS Equipment Program.

This includes clients:

  • Accepted by the Commonwealth “Continuity of Support” (CoS) Programme for ongoing services and
  • Who have had an equipment service through Domiciliary Equipment Service in the last 18 months

Note: If you are eligible for the NDIS, but have CHOSEN not to accept their services, you will not be eligible for this funding

Even if you are eligible for ongoing equipment services through the DHS Equipment Program, you may need to access some equipment and home modifications through My Aged Care, depending on circumstances.

Customised Mobility Equipment

If you have a need for a specialised wheelchair, but do not having funding available to you through an alternative source, you may be eligible for funding through the DHS Equipment Program.


The Disability Aged Clients and Customised Mobility stream is for people who:

  • Are currently accepted by the Commonwealth “Continuity of Support” (CoS) Programme for ongoing services or are aged over 65 years, ineligible for the NDIS and have existing equipment provided by the Equipment Program.
  • Have a need for a specialised wheelchair, but do not have funding available through an alternative source.

Funding is not available for people who are eligible for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). People eligible for the NDIS can get further information via NDIS.

People eligible for ongoing equipment services through the Equipment Program, may still require access to some equipment and home modifications through My Aged Care, depending on circumstances. Further information is available via My Aged Care.

Key approval criteria

Our decision on whether you are eligible for equipment or home modifications through the Equipment Program is based on the following information:

What is available to eligible clients through the Equipment Program?

The Equipment Item Types and Definitions page lists the equipment with definitions for each item.

Specific eligibility criteria and screening tools

Some items have specific criteria associated that must be met in addition to the key approval criteria. For some of these items, a screening tool must be completed by a referring therapist. Use of the screening tool ensures all aspects of eligibility criteria have been met.

For all required and recommended documents, proceed to the relevant document list located in the EP Equipment In-scope (XLSX 117.1 KB) or EP Home Modifications In-scope (XLS 234.5 KB) list.

All Category 2 requests must be submitted using an Equipment Request Form (DOCX 125.7 KB) or Home Modification Request and Agreement Form (DOCX 93.0 KB) , Delegate Approval Request Form (DOCX 57.9 KB) and Risk Rating and Priority Scoring Form (DOCX 65.3 KB) with any supporting documents.

Assessment and Ordering


Equipment and home modification needs must be assessed by a suitably qualified allied health professional who will submit all paperwork direct to the Equipment Program.

If an item of equipment or home modification is being requested, or there is difficulty using equipment currently provided, please contact the service provider to arrange a health professional to assess the clinical needs.

Who can do an assessment?

Any allied health professional with the right discipline for the item being requested can prescribe for eligible clients. The in-scope list (XLSX 117.1 KB) identifies which discipline can prescribe for each item type.

People receiving Continuity of Support (CoS) services, may be eligible to access assessment services through their CoS provider.

Assessment can be arranged (which may need to be paid for by the individual) through:

  • a Medicare Chronic Disease Management Plan through a GP
  • a private therapist (heath insurance or self-funded)
  • the Commonwealth My Aged Care Program (people aged 65 years and over only) or
  • SA Health or Country Connect.

Selecting equipment or home modifications

A number of information sheets have been developed to support assessors to assess equipment and home modifications to suit individual needs.

There are multiple documents which can help with appropriate selection and prescription of equipment or home modifications.

Submitting a request for Equipment or Home Modification

Along with the above request form, all Category 2 items must also be submitted with:

An additional specification form may be needed if measurements or adjustments to the item need to be detailed.

Please ensure that individuals and their carers read the following document prior to planning or starting major home modifications:

Major Home Modifications Client Information Sheet (DOC 176.5 KB)

Once an equipment item has been approved by the Equipment Program delegate, an Equipment selection agreement form (DOCX 61.0 KB) must be completed by the client and referring therapist.

Please see further information in the Ordering Section, to complete your request.

Follow up and Review

Follow Up

Follow-up of equipment provided is mandatory to ensure that the item issued to a person meets their needs and can be used appropriately and safely. A review may be completed by phone or in person, depending on the complexity of the item provided.


Reviews are encouraged after a person has had their equipment for a period of time. It helps to identify any problems with the equipment or how it is being used by the person, or if the item needs replacement. Problems may result from changes in the person’s condition, their ability to use the modifications, a change in the living situation, or deterioration of the item.

Prescribers are encouraged to undertake reviews, and identify any risks before an incident occurs.

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