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Equipment Program

Adults with Chronic Conditions (ACC)

The information in the following sections explain the process and forms required to make an application to the DHS Equipment Program for the Adults with Chronic Conditions (ACC) funding stream.


The Adults with Chronic Conditions funding stream (ACC) is available for:

  • Adults aged between 18 and 65 years (50 ATSI)
  • Living in Metropolitan Adelaide (Equipment Supply Suburb Listing for Metropolitan Adelaide (DOCX 172.0 KB))
  • Identified as having a chronic medical condition that has been, or is likely to be, present for at least 6 months or is terminal.
  • Is not eligible to receive equipment through an alternate funding source.
  • Meets Program Key Criteria

Registration to the ACC funding stream can be completed using the ACC Client Registration Form (DOCX 98.2 KB).

Key approval criteria

Eligibility for equipment or home modifications through the Equipment Program is based on the following information:

What is available to eligible clients through the Equipment Program

The Equipment Item Types and Definitions page lists the equipment with definitions for each item.

For all required and recommended documents, proceed to the ‘relevant docs list’ located within the Equipment In Scope List (XLSX 135.2 KB) or Home Modifications In Scope List (XLSX 84.8 KB).

Specific eligibility criteria and screening tools

Some items have associated specific criteria that must be met in addition to the key approval criteria. For some of these items, a screening tool must be completed by the referring therapist. Use of the screening tool ensures all aspects of eligibility criteria have been met.

All Category 2 requests must be submitted using an Equipment Request Form (DOCX 180.2 KB) or Home Modification Request and Agreement Form (DOCX 97.2 KB), Delegate Approval Request Form (DOCX 57.9 KB) and Risk Rating and Priority Scoring Form (DOCX 65.3 KB) with any supporting documents.

Assessment and Ordering

Equipment and home modification requests must be completed by a suitably qualified Allied Health Professional who will submit all paperwork direct to the Equipment Program.

The Equipment and Home Modification In-scope lists identify which discipline can prescribe for each item type.

Requesting an Allied Health Service

External Allied Health Professionals may assist a client to access the ACC funding stream.

Where an external Allied Health Service cannot be accessed to assist with the prescription and review of equipment or home modification needs, please complete and return this form to the DHS Equipment Program: Allied Health Service Request Form (DOCX 124.4 KB)

The Equipment Program requires mobility assessments to be completed by a physiotherapist.

Please note: If requesting an Allied Health Service (AHS) when requesting registration with ACC, please ensure the AHS request section is completed on the registration form. This additional Allied Health Service Request Form is not required.

Submitting a request for Equipment of Home Modification

Please complete and return the relevant form to us:

Alternatively, once a client is eligible for the ACC funding stream, therapists can raise Category 1 requests directly on the ALTER portal.

Along with the equipment or home modification request form, all Category 2 items must also be submitted with:

An additional specification form may be needed if measurements or adjustments to the item need to be detailed.

Please note that complex, customised equipment items will require an Equipment selection agreement form   (DOCX 61.0 KB) to be completed by the client and referring therapist, once delegate approval for the item has been approved.


Follow-up is required after equipment or home modifications have been provided through the DHS Equipment Program to ensure the item meets the client’s need and purpose and can be used appropriately and safely. A follow-up may be done by phone or in person depending on the item.


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